Edge Marine are a proud Suzuki outboard motor dealer and servicing partner, and we have been for many years. So, when we divulge our top picks for Suzuki outboard motors, it’s based on experience. 




Why Suzuki?

Suzuki outboard motors are by far the best value for money in the industry. Suzuki have spent 100 years developing innovative technologies, and their range of outboard motors have been international favourites since 1965. The company continue to create and meet world-wide demands while simultaneously developing solutions to global challenges. One of their recent innovations responds to escalating fuel prices. Suzuki developd the Lean Burn Control System to give boating enthusiasts more bang for their buck by ensuring Suzuki motors can take people further on less. Edge Marine offer a wide range of Suzuki outboard motors for sale in Cairns as well as providing Suzuki outboard parts in Cairns. 

So, without further ado, here are Edge Marine’s top picks for Suzuki outboard motors for sale in Cairns. 


Suzuki High Performance Outboard Motors 

If you’re looking for a high-horsepower motor, you can’t look past Suzuki’s range of high performance outboard motors. Let us walk you through our favourite models. 

  • DF 350 A.   This 4-stroke motor is the number one option if you’re looking for a powerful outboard motor for a reasonable price. If you’ve got a single-engine boat, the DF 350 A is probably the most efficient outboard for sale in Cairns, as it uses a pair of counter-rotating propellers to decrease torque effects. 
  • DF 325 A.   If saving money on fuel is a significant factor for you when choosing a motor then the DF 325 A is probably right up your alley. Like the DF 350 A, this is a mighty 4-stroke engine. However, it was explicitly designed to run on 91 octane fuel. 
  • DF 175 A.   This outboard was updated in 2018 and is renowned for being Suzuki’s most powerful four-cylinder outboard engine. The 4-stroke engine uses higher compression ratios to deliver more low-end torque. 


Suzuki Midrange Outboard Motors

Edge Marine have plenty of midrange Suzuki outboard motors for the boating enthusiasts looking for the perfect balance between acceleration, fuel efficiency, and value. As Cairns’ premier Suzuki outboard motor dealer, here are our top picks for a midrange motor. 

  • DF 90 A.   This midrange model has been a favourite amongst boating enthusiasts around the world for over a decade. Don’t let this motor’s small, lightweight appearance fool you, the DF 90 A’s in-line four cylinder engine offers power, performance, and second-to-none fuel efficiency. 
  • DF 60 AV.   Compact in design, light in weight, and efficient in fuel consumption, the DF 60 AV is a popular choice for outboard dealers. This outboard motor is one of the lightest 4-stroke outboard motors on the market and proudly promises to take boaties further and faster on less fuel. 
  • DF 50 A.   This compact little motor is a two-time award-winning favourite amongst boaters everywhere. Amongst other benefits such as fuel efficiency and acceleration, the DF 50 A is one of the only outboards in this class to have double overhead cams and a maintenance-free timing chain.  


Suzuki Portable Outboard Motors

Edge Marine stock the complete range of Suzuki portable outboard motors. Perfect for smaller boats, the portable motors are all about compact, lightweight design housing innovative technology. Our picks for portable outboard motors for sale in Cairns are…

  • DF 25 A.   Believe it or not; this motor starts with one or two tugs. The motor is made easy to use and simultaneously fuel-efficient because of the battery-less EFI incorporated into the design. 
  • DF 30 A.   Also incorporating the battery-less EFI technology, the DF 30 A is easy to start in all kinds of conditions. This award-winning outboard motor also has specialised bearings that reduce mechanical friction in the engine. 
  • DF 4 A.   This is one of the best value portable outboard motors for sale in Cairns. The DF 4 A is easy to start, easy to operate, and very efficient with a full tank offering around 3 hours at trolling speed.  The new tilt system of this model offers three different locked positions. 


Why Edge Marine? 

Our qualified marine technicians have over 25 years of experience in the marine/mechanical industry. There’s very few outboard motors and boats we can’t maintain and fix. We’re also a premier Suzuki outboard motor dealer in Cairns, so if you’re looking for outboard motors or outboard parts for sale in Cairns, we’re your go-to shop.     Contact us today   to enquire about our massive range of outboard motors.